Heartache is a sensation that is not describable. It cannot be consoled like a band-aid to a cut wound, or a pain killer to that toothache. It slashes ruthlessly on your soul.

Two days ago I received a text message that I have been dreading, even though we have felt it looming.

My dad is gone

We have made plans, plans that are 15 years in the making. They are left in ruins now. Regret in its many forms overflow our senses. Even as we understand, or try to understand, that God is in control, that He directs our steps1. It is still so very hard to accept.

It’s been two days.

And while we slowly gather our minds, it still pinches you at every turn.

Yet it was not a dream. As much as we despair, it has happened. Never in the manner of our desire, never in our pitch of expectations. And it was this abruptness that has caused much pain.

We question “why?” but has little chance of knowing why until we too join him in Heaven.

Death, as worded in Love Actually, is “such a ridiculous waste.”
Waste, because there are so much more potentials – in relationships, in life.

We wish, we hope.
But what is gone, is gone. And we just have to pick ourselves up, and move on.

In loving memory of Wang Fumin (1954.6.12 – 2012.10.20).

I wish I can stay.

Ha, how dramatic of a title is that?
Very. Considering that this is only a ‘soft-opening’ or ‘soft-moving’ onto my first domain.

Yea, and I lied. I do wish I could move over. Only without much difficulties (so far so good).

If I can, I would type this: <% Response.Redirect “” %>

Are you there yet?

See, it didn’t work. So if you are inclined, do visit the newly moved mrwangkai @

You can get there by clicking here, or here, or even here. Whichever, they all point to the same URL.

PS: It’s call soft-test to imitate what business major call soft-opening. It’s only moved but not yet decorated or anything. Currently still devoted to

Peace out, Hello~

New Year’s Resolution?

Hello, check-check.

It’s the new year already? 2008 came and past. 2009 brings us closer to 2010. A decade after Y2K – a good example of how time flashes us by like fire. As the Chinese saying goes, every inch of time is an inch of gold, indeed so.

Anyhow, this year, we were asked to share our New Year’s resolution at the company dinner party. I’m somewhat determined to live out mine which consists of losing weight and getting my job done (by getting smarter – school has done its limited part for the $40k+ I have paid).

What’s yours? Vote it out and share your piece of mind.

Seven Pounds is a Heavy Weight.

Bitter sweet romance.

I’m not predicting of an Oscar, but I won’t be surprise if they do receive a nomination here and there.
It’s simply a great story.

For spoiler sake, I’m going to limit any storyline. While RT only provide a scathing 28%, I adore the fact that the movie is co-produced by Will Smith. With that in mind, it does give out similar vibe and cinematic as The Pursuit of Happiness, which one can appreciate or stay away. Personally, I wasn’t too comfortable in the beginning but got settled in at the end.

The movie reiterated Will Smith’s maturity in mentality and acting. Hancock (one that I haven’t watch) is more like the goofy and playful side of him, while through Seven Pound, The Pursuit of Happiness and I Am Legend you can see a trend. A trend that indicate he is Prince of Bel-Air no more.

Again hopefully not revealing too much, but from my experience, I wasn’t too bright in guessing the storyline and only realize what’s going on 30 minutes from the credit rolling. You may figure it out half-way through, or if you have spent the time to research as your curiosity took the better of you, you may know what’s going on before the start. Whatever it might be, the unrevealing nature of the movie seem to splash its audience with the a refreshing surprise near the end. Guys beware, you might need to do the rub your eyes because you just yawned for like 20 times move.

Oh, and by the way, I think this is a good Christmas movie. Go figure.:)

Customized Feet Warmer

Please do forgive the size of the picture.


With the constant falling snow, the temperature is expected to stay well below 30s until the Artic wind decide to stop drifting down.

To combat this, my girlfriend has came up with a way to keep my feet warm while I work at home (again, due to the snow).

Lovely. (I believe it is effective.)

Seattle is Snow-down.


Gridlock, impossible, avoid, dangerous, difficulty, troubled.

Those are the description for today’s traffic as affected by the continuous falling snow that had blanketed nearly the entire state, or King County at the very least. Those are also the reason why I am not on a bus to work right now.

With vehicles going less than a third of their regular driving speed, the metro is severely handicapped (although #346 near Northgate kept pushing through and was not late). Driving on the road is indeed unsafe with a number of fender bender due to slippery road, cars stuck on roadside, even the highway (520) between Seattle and Bellevue is shutoff for safety reasons.

It does look bad, but mostly inconvenient. What I realized, is our reliance on technology and how a simple snow storm can make such an impact.

Snow is still falling, and the most convention way of transport, walking, is being fully utilized today.:)

So how’s United?

It would be crazy to think that out there somewhere, someone is depending on me for Man United news.

But for that fraction of possibilities – our team is doing fine.

Just fine.

Football, as graceful or beautiful as it can be, is an aggressive sport. And doing fine will not allow the critics to justify your title as European and English Champion, which Man United are to both.

They struggle to find the finishing touch of late, with a total of 3 goals in the last 3 goals, 4 draws in the last 7. I would call the two 5-goal games as outliers. Yes, I’m still a fan, and I still believe. In fact, I believe that United has the best depth amongst the top 3. Liverpool is on a lucky run, still is. Chelsea is just bullying their way through with their highly-paid 22-men squad, still is. Arsenal, really? I admire their skill and Arsene Wenger but I don’t think this is anywhere close to be their season.

In the case of United, the top 11 are solid, with only perhaps the midfield still requiring more maturity and chemistry as we are starting to see more action for Nani, Anderson and J.S Park (extraordinary Asian from an Asian’s perspective). The youngster has been impressive with Evans, Possebon, Rafael and Welbeck leading the pack. Up front, down back, even on the bench, things have really matured up.

And that is why, the expectation is much higher. Higher than just fine. These days, all these days as Man United fan, I have had expectation that each game is going to be robust. And now, goals should be flying in with Berbatov alive, Rooney on form, Carrick settling in, Ronaldo still solid.

Until then, we are just going to be expecting like we always do. For they are The Manchester United.


God is with us. – Matthew 1:23 (link)


This is my 3rd week starting at my new job and it has just been really fascinating.

Although I don’t really look at it as much as I used to or pray through it, during down time, at the back of my mind, I am thinking of the index card that Qj asked me to write and sticked onto the wall. It describes my desired position, salary and location. While even though it is not fully fulfilled, a lot of it is already underway, and way earlier than I had expected.

God has been really good. And its amazing what God can do in 12 minutes through our lovely Pastor Barbara.
She was just stating what Emmanuel meant – God is with us. So good, coffee with sugar and cream and whip cream on top, venti, kind of good.:)

YY is coming to visit for almost a month and I’m pretty pumped about showing her around, although I need to really learn to rest well and manage the time properly. On the side, I also got a boost for getting a car, although I’m feeling like I should really save for it.

The company that I currently work for is called TecAce, and my ‘department’ (if you can call it that), is CareAce. is a website specifically designed for supporting Samsung mobile that TecAce had a part in developing, including Blackjacks, Epix and Omnia. It has a lot of potential which I’m truly excited.😀

Bummer about missing the Christmas cruise though. Thankful for technology, especially Facebook where photos should be flooding in soon.

Call this disorganize. Or a summary.

God’s good. & Jake’s good because he’s gonna give me a ride!


I really like this picture. And even just going to Alki Beach with Jake&Stanley.:)

My roomate wrote a note about his understanding of grace on Facebook. Basically his idea was that grace is not something that we use to amend for our shortcomings, but it should be our entire belief in God. It has more to do with Faith.

Right now I am waiting for an answer that is probably going to be life-changing. I am excited about it. I am optimistic over it, but I am also a little afraid about it. I am waiting for it.

I think it would be God’s grace.

Back from SAN

Yes, I captured its flight. From the behind.

SAN = San Diego. Now that’s two Sans down (S.F and S.D) and a gizillion more to go.:) There’s just so many saints around California which is awesome.

I enjoy the serenity that the city offers. I can definitely imagine a life of 80s and cloudless skies during November. It’s not a huge town with all the cars busting around. Many of the buildings are so delicately crafted, they are sweet to the sight.

So my girlfriend and I strolled towards the beach to a place call SeaPort Village. There were dozens of small gift stores and a variety of many others. Restaurants are beautifully weavened into the village with each offering it’s very own taste.

We didn’t stay long enough to breathe in everything San Diego, but it’s definitely one of the cities that I would love to revisit and try again their Tapa Bars – Sevilla Cafe was simply delicious, you will be more than willing to part with the bills in your wallet.

Now, back to work and the moulding of a career. God has been good, real good. Just resting in Him and be amazed at His work.

I’m almost at a point where my writing or brainstorms can be regard as rusted. I’m ready for a comeback once more.:)

Peace out.

Manchester United recently.

They are doing well. Not great simply because of the draw at Everton this morning.

Otherwise, they are really clicking and that’s just beautiful; music to fans’ ears.

Berbatov is admirable in his quality, Rooney is so lethal in his form (very smart lad) and Ronaldo, whatever is going on behind close doors is one thing, his ability on the field is another. I would call them supporting cast, simply because of their monstrous skills, but Teverz, Nani, Anderson and rising stars like Rafael is making Manchester United a really fearful opponent.

It’s going to be an interesting season, we need to win more league games to first catch up with Hull and brush aside the standard 3. And we should be good.

(work) grace.

I’m still here and I’m not going to count the days and see which day out of the 365 I am currently in. Ok, I’m not as determined as I wish to be. I can be, but not in this time/space right now.:)

My job hunt is at a stop, not like stop stop, but like, bus-stop. I’m learning to appreciate what is given to me although it would take some adjustments to get used to.

3 people was the maximum I’ve done, so living with 6 others has been real fun ride. And I’m living with Caucasians as well. Woo-hoo! Go Dustin and Jonathan.:)

God has been good and faithful, and I have just had a new revelation regarding grace. Haha, it’s actually quite the definition that people defines it, but it just clicked for me this time around. Grace is anything that’s beyond your work, and more importantly, undeserved of. That include relationship.

I’m glad I have a bunch of friends who supported me and a God who is faith.

I’ll watch out for the harvest that’s in the time of the flood (Joshua 3:15).


Disciples Class

It was a really good class with Pastor Barbara at the disciple trak. She’s so lively in teaching and she really brought it to a very practical level. I love it.

God is a good God. His grace is sufficient! I love this illustration – when you mess up, fess up; then get yourself clean up, and grow up! Repentance + Faith was a package that I kinda heard but now formally introduced.

But the one part that really shook me (when that fuzzy feeling comes) is when Pastor Barbara shared a story and quoted Deuteronomy 31:6.

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

Dude. Amen.

Good Game, Good Day

Berbatov is off – 2 fantastically placed goals elate his spirit. However apart from a sneak peek of the smile, he still seem bothered, and Ferdinard’s congratulations didn’t sound all to sincere either. Locker room issues? Nonetheless, a good game for United who sadly will be missing Scholes for up to 8 weeks. Hopefully Rooney will return soon, I love to see him score.

I really enjoy the hardworking bunch that is in the United squad, especially Evra and Tevez who runs up and down the field non-stop working to get the ball and get the ball forward. It’s amazing stamina and devotion. I certainly hope that Berbatov could go at it more, but if he can get goals and wins, I’m cool.

It was a fairly fruitful day with me getting my noodles, studied ASP.NET, watch my team kick some and visited Bainbridge Island. Yes I did! Spent merely $6.70 to enjoy the goodness, thanks to Johnson’s recommendation.

God is goood. Amen.:)